Welcome to the Sierra Nevada Chapter of the California Dressage Society's website! We are a progressive chapter of 100 plus members from Northern Nevada and the outlying areas sharing the same passion, dressage!


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~~~~~ April News and Communications ~~~~~

Great news!! Tamara Torti aka "Tamara with the Camera" will be at our SNC Spring Dressage show! You can view her work at http://www.tamarawiththecamera.com/.

Show season is fast approaching. Please make sure you have read the SNC award rules for year end awards if you want to participate.

We are awarding High Points Awards at each show for Open, AA, an JR/YR.

KWPN-NA will be awarding a High Point Award for the highest scoring KWPN horse at each of our shows. Please contact Stacee if you have a KWPN horse and want to be eligible for this award. You will need to provide a copy of your horses registration papers, and the owner must be a member of KWPN-NA to be eligible for this award (all verified through the KWPN-NA office). It will be awarded after we have all of the scores from the show, Stacee will take a picture of you and your horse with the award for KWPN-NA after the show.

If there is anyone out there with other breeds that would like to have Breed High Point awards at our shows you are encouraged to contact your horse's registry and see what they require. Stacee is happy to help you, however we are leaving it up to the club members to contact their registries.

The JR/YR and AA clinics are fast approaching. If you would like to be considered to represent the chapter in one of these clinics, please email Stacee Collier and we will put your name in the hat to be drawn. One rider will be chosen for each clinic. The chapter pays for your lessons. You are responsible for all other costs (travel, stall, meals, etc).

We will draw names for the JR/YR clinic at the April meeting. We will pick 2 people, one rider and one alternate rider.

The JR/YR clinic will be at Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center in Elk Grove, CA June 20-22nd and David Wightman is the clinician.


We will draw names for the AA clinic at the July Meeting, We will pick 2 people, one rider and one alternate rider.

The A/A Clinic will be at Santa Rosa Equestrian Center in Santa Rosa, CA August 15-17th and Marisa Festerling is the clinician.


You must be a current member of SNC-CDS and you must have volunteered in the last year to be eligible.

Rider Eligibility and Selection - Riders must be members in good standing with CDS and be Adult Amateurs 22 years or older. The same rider cannot be selected for two consecutive yearly clinics. The riders must be able to walk/trot/canter with proper diagonals and leads (Training Level minimally). The rider, to be eligible, must have a sound, fit and in good condition, familiar equine partner, presenting as a “horse/rider team”. They must be actively riding demonstrated by current dressage lessons with their horse for the past 6 months. A borrowed or loaned horse just for the occasion is strongly discouraged.

2014 Education Event: Send your ideas for a chapter sponsored educational event to the Education Committee of Susan Ward sw4horses@gmail.com and/or Jennifer Smith jsmith@lionelsawyer.com


Chapter meetings are held one evening each month unless otherwise determined by the Board Of Directors. The location of the meetings will be posted to the web site and announced to the group prior to the meetings. Meetings are open to the membership.

Next Chapter Meeting: Monday, May 12th at 6:30pm at Susan Ward's home and will include an hors d'oeuvre potluck. Contact Susan at sw4horses@gmail.com for directions.


If you would like to stay up to date with current events in the chapter, join our SNC-CDS e-mail list. All announcements regarding ride times, show results and the newsletter are sent out via the list. To sign up for the list, go to the Yahoo SNC-CDS page and click on "Join". If you have any problems signing up on Yahoo or other questions please feel free to contact us.

To become a Sierra Nevada Chapter member of the California Dressage Society, please use the following link Join CDS.If you wish to be a member of SNC please make that your chapter preference.